Seattle Seahawks Visit The White House [Photos]

The 2014 NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks visited the White House on Wednesday. The only player that didn’t make the trip was MarShawn Lynch.


President Obama referenced Beast Mode and Richard Sherman during his speech.

“I considered inviting Sherman up here to the podium today,” said Obama, standing a few feet from the Lombardi Trophy.

“I’d have given him the mic, but you know we’ve got to go in a little bit,” he quipped.

“Sometimes I do feel disrespected by you reporters,” said Obama. “But that’s OK. Seattle Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman is here tonight. And he gave me some great tips on how to handle it. Jake Tapper, don’t you ever talk about me like that! I’m the best President in the game!”

President Obama noted Lynch’s absence and mentioned wanting to handle the press in a similar fashion.

“He’s not here today, but we’ve got to give props to Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch. I am sorry that Marshawn’s not here because I just want to say how much I admire his approach to the press. I want to get some tips from him,” Obama said.

The Seahawks didn’t present the President with a jersey as most teams do during their White House honors, instead they honored their fans by giving the him a 12th Man flag.



Seahawks QB Russell Wilson cut his curly locks. I like this look on him!


photos via Instagram/Twitter @NFL @RSherman25 @DangerRussWilson