Russell Westbrook Tells KD To Get His Head In The Game [Video]


The Thunder were blown out for the second consecutive game against the San Antonio Spurs. The Western Conference Finals is starting to feel like a sweep, the Spurs beat the Thunder 112-77. At one point in the game, All-Stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant appeared to exchange words with Russ telling KD, “get your head in the game.”


Durant finished the game with 15 points on 16 shots, Westbrook 15 points on 24 shots. In Post game, the teammates downplayed the incident.

I was just getting on Kevin about some stuff and he got on me right back,” Westbrook said in his post-game interview, broadcast on NBA TV. “That’s what teammates do. That’s what leaders do. We get on each other, we come back and we talk about it and then we come out like nothing ever happened.”

“We got frustrated with one another because we gave up the three threes,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said of the incident in his post-game press conference, downplaying the incident. “Those are the type of frustrations that I like in a basketball team. It’s on the defensive end. We gave up some threes, and we wanted to make sure that did not happen going forward. It happens with every team.”


video via @CJZero