Seahawks Marshawn Lynch met with Pro Football Writers of America [video]


Seattle Seahawks rb Marshawn Lynch attended a media session Thursday with the Pro Football Writers of America, after several complaints were made about Lynch’s brevity during Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day, and again on Wednesday following a 6 minute session which saw Lynch leave abruptly. Lynch is clearly not comfortable being the center of attention under these circumstances. Teammate Michael Robinson sat in on the session as he did on Wednesday. But this time Lynch stayed until the end. Total time, 7 minutes and 25 seconds.


The questions asked were only football related, but that didn’t stop Lynch from dropping a few quotables. When asked how hard it was going to be for him to get “where he needed to be on Sunday,” Lynch said he’s “S.R.” Stay Ready.



I hope this ends the discussion about Lynch owing more time to the media.

Video via ESPN