Ronald Gasser Charged With Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Joe McKnight

The police have finally arrested and charged the man responsible for the death of former NFL running back Joe McKnight.

54-year-old Ronald Gasser shot and killed McKnight in an apparent road rage incident.  Cops initially detained him and questioned him after the shooting, but he was released without charges just hours after the incident.

Now the police have arrested and charged Gasser with manslaughter Monday night and he is being held without bond, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Dept. website.  It’s unclear what changed from the day of the incident until now.  They had Gasser’s statement as well as witness accounts.

Gasser admitted to shooting McKnight three times during the altercation on Dec. 1st.  Officials say the two were arguing and McKnight was shot while standing at the passenger window of Gasser’s car while Gasser was in the driver’s seat.  Witnesses say McKnight was apologizing, and Gasser shot him, then stood over his body saying “I told you don’t f–k with me” then shot him again.  It’s unclear why the stories are vastly different.