Rips NFL Week 14 Rankings

NFL Week 14 Rankings

Following Week 13 of NFL action, here are your rankings going forward. 12 teams make the playoffs so it’s Top 12 and the rest. Focus on the 12. No one cares about the rest. Give me your thoughts in the comments and why I’m right or wrong on Twitter.

Top 12

1. Dallas Cowboys – First team to clinch a playoff spot, can they get revenge vs rival Giants.
2. New England Patriots – Still number 2 on paper but losing Gronk opens up the AFC.
3. Kansas City Chiefs – Serious AFC threat. Eyes season sweep of Oakland this Thursday.
4. Oakland Raiders – Another week, another comeback, another win. Thurs vs KC looms.
5. Seattle Seahawks – Right when the defense gets healthy, Earl Thomas lost for the season.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers – This may seem high but the new sleeper, most dangerous team in the AFC.
7. Detroit Lions– Lions fans have forgotten about Calvin Johnson because of Matt Stafford.
8. Washington Redskins – Still think this is a dangerous wild card playoff team.
9. Baltimore Ravens – Thumped Miami and look to be getting better down the stretch.
10. Denver Broncos – No matter the qb, their destiny is in the hands of the defense.
11. Atlanta Falcons – Schedule sets up nicely to win NFC South.
12. Tennessee Titans – Someone has to win the AFC South. Forget Luck, go with Marcus.

And The Rest

13. New York Giants
14. Tampa Bay
15. Miami
16. Buffalo
17. Indianapolis
18. San Diego
19. Green Bay
20. Minnesota
21. New Orleans
22. Arizona
23. Carolina
24. Houston
25. Cincinnati
26. Philadelphia
27. Chicago
28. Los Angeles
29. New York Jets
30. San Francisco
31. Jacksonville
32. Cleveland


By: Michael Rippe (@mikerips)