Ray Rice’s Lawyer Gives “Hypothetical” Explanation Of What Happened In Elevator


Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his wife Janay gave an awkward press conference on Friday where they both apologized for the incident that took place last February in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. While Rice will face no jail time, he’s expected to receive a stiff suspension from the NFL.

While the case may be done legally, Rice’s lawyer continues to float the theory that Ray wasn’t the aggressor in the situation and ultimately didn’t act of line. Here’s the laywer’s “hypothetical” explanation as to what could’ve happened in the elevator.

“This is just a complete hypothetical,” Diamondstein told Matt Hammond of ESPN 97.3 FM in New Jersey.  “Let’s assume for the sake of argument, rather than enter into the pretrial diversionary program that  [Rice] entered into, we hypothetically move forward on the case.  And hypothetically we litigate 100 motions and the video comes out and the video shows — hypothetically speaking now, hypothetically speaking — shows that Ray wasn’t the first person that hit and Ray was getting repeatedly hit but just Ray hit harder, fired one back and hit harder.  Hypothetically speaking, and he gets found not guilty.  Is that result somehow better?  Is it better for the public?  Is it better for the Ravens?  Is it better for Ray?  Is it better for Janay?”

Dangerous game the lawyer is playing in my opinion. Is this going to be the approach utilized by other athletes?