Ray Allen Lights Up Pacers During 4th Quarter Of Game 3 ECF [Video]


Ray Allen has been in the NBA for 18 seasons. At 38 he shows that “old man game” can still be effective. In game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Allen scored 16 points including 4-4 on three-pointers – all in the fourth quarter. We’re talking daggers.

Check the highlights.


After the game, LeBron James gave it up for his teammate.

“He’s got it going, man, and we just want to continue to find him,” James said. “I was able to find him for the majority of the shots that he had tonight in the fourth quarter, and when you got a hot hand, you just keep going to it.”

Salute Jesus Shuttlewsorth ladies and gentlemen


Heat up 2-1 over the Pacers.