Ravens RB Ray Rice Suspended 2 Games For February Casino Altercation


Ravens running back Ray Rice was indicted on a third-degree assault charge after a February altercation with his then-fianceé, in an Atlantic City casino elevator, left her unconscious with Rice caught on video dragging her from the hotel elevator.

Rice participated in an intervention program and served no jail time. Now comes word of the NFL’s punishment.

Per NFL insider Adam Schefter, the NFL has suspended Rice for the first two games of the 2014 season. He’ll also lose more than $470,000 of salary for missing those two games.


Rice is lucky he didn’t smoke weed, then he’d likely be facing a long suspension. :: read that with your sarcasm font::

Prior to this incident, Rice has been a model NFL citizen, and his wife Janay issued an apology for her part in the altercation.