Jaguars Justin Blakmon Arrested For Weed Possession While Serving indefinite Suspension From NFL


Jacksonville Jaguar Justin Blackmon is currently serving an indefinite suspension after multiple violations of the NFL’s drug policy. Per CBS Sports, Blackmon  was arrested Wednesday night for marijuana possession in Oklahoma.

Blackmon was pulled over for a traffic violation when officers said they smelled marijuana inside the car.

He was approaching an intersection that was stopped for a red light, and he was trying to get into the left turn lane, said Jenny Monroe, public information officer for the Edmond police.

“So to do that he went around all of the parked cars … to get into that left turn, and one of our officers was at that intersection and saw it happen,” said Monroe.

Blackmon’s car was pulled over, and Monroe said the officer smelled the odor of marijuana from the vehicle.

Blackmon said he did not have a driver’s license with him and did not respond when asked for identification, said Monroe.

“He did go ahead and admit that there was marijuana in the vehicle,” said Monroe. ” … Mr. Blackmon said he had been smoking a blunt marijuana (marijuana cigar) while he was driving and that there was another full blunt within the car in a box, and that’s exactly what our officer’s found in the vehicle.”