Rams & Steven Jackson agree to void last year of contract

The Rams are sitting somewhere they haven’t been since 2006, above .500 after beating the Arizona Cardinals Thursday 17-3 Thursday night. Earlier in the day it was announced that the team had decided to allow it’s all time leading rusher, Steven Jackson to void the final year of his deal that was to pay him $ 7million. Jackson will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. Perhaps the move serves two purposes for the Rams, as the running back position is changing and Jackson is in his late twenties, surely the idea of paying him $7 million as they’ve begun to phase him out wasn’t appealing to management.

It also allows Jackson who has been the consummate professional in his 9 years with the franchise the opportunity to catch on with a playoff/championship contender next off season. I guess the question is, what’s the market like for a soon to be 30-year old running back?