Halloween and the hardwood, NBA licenses dance team costumes for Lakers, Heat, Knicks & more [photos]


Halloween is just around the corner ladies and if you’re looking for a costume that’s fun AND a way to celebrate the start of the NBA season, I have something for you.

The NBA has a new licensing deal with Leg Avenue is just one of several that targets the female consumer. The NBA like the NFL and MLB are now realizing that the female fan is diverse and in some ways untapped potential. According to She-conomy, in 2010 women comprised 37% of NBA fans in 2010 and that number is growing. After all, that’s why this site was created.

So this Halloween, I present to you, “NBA dance team” costumes.  The selection is made up of five teams; Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Heat and Knicks.

The three-piece 100% polyester costumes, which consist of a top, a pair of color-coordinated knee-high athletic socks and either a super-short skirt or hotpants, are being sold nationwide through Party City’s retail stores and website and retail in the $50 to $60 range.

So you know what at least 1 of my Halloween costumes will be this year, right?

Here’s the link where you can check out the NBA costumes and more. I LOVE Halloween