One On One: Rams Linebacker James Laurinaitis

Photo Credit: Gatorade/Susan Goldman

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) scientists are working with top 2011 NFL draft prospects to help maximize their performance and take their game to the next level in their quest to make it in the NFL. Their journey kicked off at a GSSI Lab constructed in the Media Center at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas and was lucky enough to snag five minutes of St. Louis Rams Linebacker James Laurinaitis time as he offered a few pointers to potential top NFL Draft pick Mark Herzlich.

Our very own Tam-Star talked to Laurinaitis about his future in wrestling, his thoughts on a pending NFL lockout, who deserves to be the number one draft pick, and who gets his vote for the best linebacker of all time.

Tam-Star: I’m sure many people have asked you this before — I know you come from a family of wrestlers, do you see yourself possibly wrestling in the future after the NFL?

Laurinaitis: Yeah, you know, it kind of depends on how long I play. God willing there’s not too many injuries and such. If I have a career for another 10 years and I retire when I’m 30-something I might have a few years in me. But maybe not. Hopefully I won’t have to get into that business.

My mom doesn’t want me getting into it. She fears me getting hurt more in that stuff than in football.

Tam-Star: As a boy I’m sure you dreamed of playing in the NFL. Coming out of Ohio did you dream you’d ever play for the Rams? Was that the team you anticipated going to or was there another team you dreamed of playing for as a child?

Laurinaitis: Well, I grew up a Minnesota Vikings fan. I didn’t really know what was happening as far as everything with where I was going to get picked. It was kind of one of those things where you don’t have any control of it. So, when I got drafted with St. Louis I was excited. Being from Minnesota, that’s where I was born, and going through Ohio State and Columbus, Ohio, I was used to the Midwest. So, being able to be there [St. Louis] is kind of a cool thing.

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