NFL Week 8 – Where’s Jill

I admit it, I’m a day late with your NFL Week 8 wrap. This is what happens when you’re trying to juggle multiple relationships. Basketball has silently seduced me so that I’m almost neglecting my football Luvs!

  • 1st up, I checked out some of the AWFUL Jets vs. Packers game. Jets were shut out. No snacks for my boo Rex. Coming off of a Bye week, I really expected more from the Jets. The game was so lackluster, I skipped around and caught a few minutes of Football Wives and a bit of the Nets vs. Heat game. (Look neither is very sexy but at least I got to check out what Kim Kardashian rocked at the game). I’ll be expecting a lot more from the Jets this weekend.

  • Clearly Carson Palmer seems to have better chemistry with T.O. I spoke about this at the start of the season. But does it even matter who he connects with if the end result is still a lost? Bengals loose.. AGAIN to the Dolphins 22 -14. Tuesday night Chad shared his thoughts on The T.Ocho Show as to why the team is losing and where they can go from here.
  • The Rams continue the home winning streak. A great way to head into their Bye week. Rams 20 Panthers 10
  • The Chargers finally did something worth discussing on the field and beat the Titans 33-25. They also waived Shawne Merriman. “Lights Out” But not to worry, he was claimed off waivers today by the Bills. That worked out really well for T.O. last year right?
  • The Cowboys suck. That’s all you need to know
  • You already know what happened on Sunday with the Pats and Vikings. Another loss for the Vikings, Favre is out with the hit he took to the jaw and of course Randy Moss was waived Monday morning.

That’s pretty much it. The Saints won and the Bucs’ Lagerette Blount had an incredible run in the 4th quarter.

Wait, did that whole NFL in London thing happen yet? I know the 49ers and Broncos headed across the pond but I have no recall of the events from the game…

Football, I need more from you than just the off field hi jinks. The NBA has that and EXCITEMENT on the court! Ok I’ll admit, maybe that’s just my bias talking. But that Jets game left me feeling underwhelmed!