Charlie Villenueva Broke Code

If Kevin Garnett actually called Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient”, it was an insensitive remark. Now that we’ve established that, let’s speak on Charlie bringing this to twitter.

Trash talk is part of the game of basketball. Not just at the professional level,  pee wee leagues and AAU travel teams have issued their share of taunts to opposing teams. “We won, We won we shot the bb gun, they lost, they lost, they ate the apple sauce” certainly wasn’t meant to send the losers away with dessert.

Charlie has been in the league for 5 years now. I’m sure this is not the 1st time he’s been insulted during a game. So why the decision to bring it to twitter? Kevin Garnett and his coach Doc Rivers both deny Charlie’s claims. In fact, Kevin has said what he said was that Charlie “was a cancer to his team” and that every team he goes to loses. Truthfully, that makes more sense. I don’t know if Charlie is actually a team killer but the fact remains that his tenures in Milwaukee, Toronto and now Detroit hasn’t produced wins and on a personal level, he hasn’t earned a spot on an All-Star roster or had any post season accolades bestowed on him outside of making the all rookie team his 1st year.

I’ve always believed there was a code in athletics surrounding the sanctity of the court and the locker room. When you make the decision to break that circle of trust, it better be for something EXTREMELY important, while I’m not diminishing the importance of cancer or saying that its something that should be reduced to a joke or insult, I am standing behind the idea that if KG’s comments were hurtful, wouldn’t a better approach be to address the source or even file some type of grievance with the league? KG’s trash talking is legendary what was gained by breaking “Court code” Jalen Rose and Brandon Jennings among others, have come out not exactly in support of KG and his alleged comments but fully in support of not breaking that circle of trust that exists on the basketball court.

Perhaps he just wanted to vent, and that’s fine but why tweet this:

I guess “fighting” him is a better resolution too. But Charlie doesn’t REALLY feel that way. After all he took to twitter with that comment and not KG personally after the game.  :Shrug: All sorts of Man Law violations going on. Just get a win for the Pistons, that’s probably the best place to focus your energy Sir.