NFL Week 12- The Love Is Fading

I took a semi Bye week again.  Blame the holiday and Black Friday. Actually, that’s untrue, I’m not big on Black Friday. Can you picture me outside of someone’s store at 3:00 AM rocking my stilettos for stuff I could get via Cyber Monday??

ANYWAY, My Jets & Pats kept Thanksgiving lovely, the Rams finally won on the road (albeit against a Denver team who has their own internal issues possibly clouding their focus) and Michael Vick looked a bit human against the Bears yesterday.

All of that aside, there were really only 2 highlights I’ll probably remember about week 12:

The first would be the best NFL fight I’ve ever seen. The Texans Andre Johnson ROCKED some guy on the Titans (ok his name is Cortland Finnegan and the word is he’s a bit of a knucklehead. I hope that isn’t the case because he clearly isn’t ready for war). Andre apologized in his post game presser. Cortland declined to speak with the media. Hope he’s learned his lesson.

And lastly, I have to be honest. I had never heard of Steve Johnson before the episode a week ago when he scored 3 touchdowns and had a quote from the Joker (Heath, not Jack) on his t-shirt during the Bengals vs. Bills game.

The Bills (that’s his team) were playing the Steelers yesterday, the game went into overtime and well… he dropped it

Actually he dropped 5 but THIS one cost them the game. He had a bit of a postgame meltdown in his interview and then, he decided to tweet this:

Ok so wait. Is he blaming GOD for the dropped pass? Seriously, I’m confused help me out here

And so because of him, the Bills are officially off the list! Ok wait, there never made it on…

We’re getting closer though!!