Miami Bar Has Paid Out $30,000 In Free Drinks, Due To Heat Losses

In the midst of all blame jockeying that’s going on in Miami. (Is it coach Spolestra’s fault, Is Lebron not running the plays, Should DWade defer to Bron, is Riley REALLY the answer) there has been a forgotten victim in all of this,  The Whiskey Tango bar in Hollywood, Fl.

This was the bar that promised to pay it’s customers tabs if the Heat lost their 1st game against the Celtics… They did. Apparently that omen wasn’t enough for bar owner John Todora and his business partner Bob Hartley. Even though they lost $4,000 they decided to extend the promo to the rest of the season (this last 4 out of 5 game skid probably hurt a bit).

So far the bar has paid out $30,000 in tabs. The brightside, they probably only spent about $10,000 on the alcohol to begin with.

With DWade’s support of Coach Spolestra wavering a bit, lets hope the bar stays in the black by the time the playoffs roll around.