NFL Week 12: Recap Cam salutes LeBron James, 2 OTs & Joseph Fauria’s night fever


I guess I had a two week Bye… But I;m back with for your NFL Week 12 Recap. Let’s get into it.

  •  Cam Newton led the Carolina Panthers to victory over the Miami Dolphins 20 -16. Cam scored a touchdown and added a new twist to his Superman endzone celebration by tossing in King James salute move.


video via BSO

Of course it’s all love, remember last season LeBron and DWade hit their Superman when the Heat faced off against the Charlotte Bobcats. The Panthers have currently won seven in a row with their record this season a cushy 8-3.

  • Two games went into overtime on Sunday. First up the Green Bay Packers vs. the Minnesota Vikings. Backup QB Matt Flynn threw for 218 yards to help the Packers stage a comeback after being down 16. The game went into overtime but ended in a 26-26 tie… YES, you can end in a draw in football. This is the first tie this season, the last one took place between the Rams and 49ers last November.
  • The second overtime game was on Sunday Night Football, which for you east coasters, turned into Monday morning football. The New England Patriots faced off against the Denver Broncos. Ironically enough, it was a former Patriot, Wes Welker, that cost the Broncos the game.

The game marked the return of former Patriots receiver Wes Welker, who signed with Denver in the offseason. He was a non-factor with four catches for 31 yards. The crowd even chanted “Wel-ker, Wel-ker,” when he went back to return the final punt. Then he waved his hands to warn his teammates to stay away from the ball when it bounced.

Plus, we can’t forget that Pats QB Tom Brady went off on officials. Super Bowl rings allow for “passion.”

  • What’s really good with the Houston Texans? Aren’t they supposed to be a Super Bowl contender? They lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-6. Texans wr Andre Johnson pretty much summed up the Texans season

“We suck,” he said, then continued after a pause. “As an offense. That’s pretty much it.”

  • Ed Reed signed with the New York Jets after being cut by the Texans two weeks ago. He faced off against his old team, the Baltimore Ravens, for the second time this season. Ravens win 19-3.

– Lions Lions TE Joe Fauria has become my favorite this season because of his endzone dances. For his sixth touchdown of the season, he broke out a dance move from one of my favorite old school flicks, Saturday Night Fever.

via guyism

via guyism

Owwwwwww Night Fever, Night Fever… WR Nate Burleson was activated for the first time since he was involved in a car accident after picking up pizzas. He scored a touchdown as well, his move… Pizza delivery guy

via Bleacher Report

via Bleacher Report

  • Watching two brothers go up against each other is special. When their dad also happens to be a former NFL star, it creates one of those classic sports set ups that intrigues us all. And Sunday’s game between the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears didn’t let us down. Brothers Chris and Kyle Long, in front of their dad Howie even had a family moment on the field, Kyle got into a scuffle with a Rams player. Chris was on the sidelines, raced onto the field to drag his brother out of the fight.


  • On Monday Night Football the Washington Redskins take on the San Francisco 49’ers.  Both teams QB’s had high expectations coming to the season and are dealing with the pressure to live up to those goals. While RG3 and his coach seem to be struggling to get on the same page with the Redskins, Niners Colin Kaepernick is simply trying to adjust his rotation of celebrity chicks!