One on One: Spotlight stylist Brandon Williams


Athletes and fashion are always a hot topic. GQ magazine just dropped their “20 Most Stylish athletes.” LeBron James was named number 1 by the way. While we can debate who should or shouldn’t be on the list – Dwyane Wade says that LeBron had to pay to get his number one spot– I want to introduce you to one of the men responsible for some of the hot looks you’re seeing on your favorite jock this fall.

Brandon Williams, stylist for Clippers Matt Barnes, Grizzlies Mike Conoley jr. and New Orleans Saints Lance Moore to name a few, is someone who you need to place on your style radar. In addition to styling, Brandon is also a Fashion consultant for the just launched GQ network and the Baron Davis hosted show, “How I Rock It.”

Brandon and I talked about labels and how guys that don’t have multi million dollar contracts can be just as fly on a reduced price. The emphasis is style over fashion. Brandon doesn’t believe that athletes should dress like rappers. One of the key areas that Brandon helps develop for his clients, is their personal style. He starts in their closet first and then hits the stores to create the look.

Brandon on labels

Don’t be label dependent. Both The Gap and JCrew have great items

Brandon on must-have key pieces for guys who are balling on a reasonable budget and beyond.

  •  Navy or dark color blazer ( 2 button and double breasted)

* Make sure you get your items tailored. Fit is a key piece of styling.

  • White button down shirt.
  •  Stone washed Levi’s 511.

You can follow Brandon on Instagram @brandwills if interested in his services, E-mail him [email protected] And yes, he’s single ladies.