NFL Week 10- Jill’s Choosey Lover Recap

Choosey Lover recap? Well, I am picky. You see what happened when I dumped Dallas right?? The minute I dismiss them, they decide to play with a bit of vigor and take down the Giants making my P.B. (Potential boo) look bad.  Again what usually happens when a current (or one that thinks they’re the main attraction) gets comfortable.

But can the “Boys” sustain it? Somebody knew it was off and shut the lights off in the Giants new stadium for a bit. Chaos ensued. (I don’t think someone actually sabotaged the effort but the lights did go off)

Cowboys 33 -Giants 20

NFL week 10 is pretty much all about Michael Vick though. Yes a few other things happened during the Sunday games but they all pale in comparison to what Michael Vick (and the Eagles) did on the NFL’s national stage Monday night. Shall I run the numbers for you?

  • 28 1st quarter points
  • 1st play of the game, Vick to DeSean Jackson A DEEP throw that they planned. That’s stuff you see on the playground or in video games! DJack finished the night with 98 yards and a TD. Wonder what that pregame squrimish was about
  • back to Vick though. 4 Touch Down Passes
  • 80 yards rushing
  • 2 touchdowns
  • The redskins gave up 592 yards (I’m thinking that’s a lot) final score 59-28. Sucks this happened on the same day Donovan McNabb’s new contract was announced. Again, fodder for another post

That’s just Pure Sexiness right there!

Curtsey to BSO for the video. Make sure to check them out.

The Jets managed to eek out a win in overtime. This is becoming a bit habitual for them.  But far more interesting, some of the signs seen around the stadium welcoming Braylon’s return and Braylon’s helmet doing the infamous “neck roll” after a bit of a scuffle broke out on the field…

You see they called him "Butter Fingers" The world is cruel LOL

Is it bad I want to snap my fingers and yell out  “YES HONEY” after watching?

Jets win in OT over Browns 26-20

The new & improved Titans still have some work to do. They lost to the Dolphins 29-17. Chris Johnson however did manage to add a bit of NFL history to an otherwise underwhelming game. He’s now the 7th player in NFL history with 4,000 rushing yards in his 1st 40 career games.
Lastly, kudos to all the NFL QB’s. Vick was the 13th quarterback to pass for 300 yards in a game this week. 1st time in NFL history that’s happened.