NFL Week 1- Jill Speed Dates

Aaron M. Sprecher / NFL

The NFL season is finally underway (2 weeks until NBA camps open but I digress).  I started my quest to find “MY TEAM” by spending a little bit of time watching games so I could get a feel for what these teams are all about, what type of attitude they have (I require MY team to have an edge) and of course, who has the cutest guys!

  • Speed Date #1 actually began last Thursday as I watched the Saints take it to the Vikings. It started off a little shaky with that whole Taylor Swift, Dave Mathews Band opening performance. Checked out Old man Favre & Adrian Peterson. Watched Drew Brees and Reggie Bush; Yeah so I only know a few names, I’ll learn them if they receive a golden stiletto or some other token to display my affection. And to let them know they’re still in the running to be “My Team”. Maybe it was the inspiring words of Derek Fisher that propelled the Saints to the win!
  • I didn’t watch the Lions & Bears game so this isn’t officially apart of the dating pool. HOWEVER, I saw the highlights… The Lions were robbed.

AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

  • The Giants were one of the teams I bandwagoned (not a word, I know but it is today) last season so I’m rocking with them again PLUS, I have no idea who plays for the Panthers. :shrug:
  • West Coast girl, of course I’m riding with the Raiders & the 49ers right!!!! womp womp woommmmpppppp yeah, that thought process worked out GREAT as Chris Johnson Rushed for 142 yards and 2 touchdowns and Vince Young threw 2 as well. Raider Nation my a$$!! See sometimes you should just roll with the team that you’ve heard of the players… West Coast is on hold. Although I suppose I could opt to let the Seahawks slide through since Pete Carroll is the former USC coach… sigh Speed dates 3 and 4 were a bust.

AP Photo/Stephan Savoia

  • Date 5 was supposed to stimulate my senses I mean the Bengals have T.Ocho!!! But the Patriots have Tom Brady! I remember watching them in the Superbowl a few years back and they used to have A LOT of fineness on that team. Lesson 2, overlook the hype. Chad did score a TD. Having said that, both of these teams are still in contention. Although the Randy Moss woe is me thing after a WIN was sort of weird. I mean I know this is the last year of your contract but YOU WON!
  • Even though the Eagles lost, Michael Vick put on a SHOW, throwing, rushing. I LOVED it. Plus, I have no real clue where Green Bay is located. Somewhere cold. Aren’t they the Cheese heads??? Somehow I can’t see that working out for me!
  • They say Almost doesn’t count and it doesn’t BUT, coming off the Season(s) The Rams had. The fact that they gave the Cardinals fits and finally have a decent QB is a moral victory. Still think they should ensure Steven Jackson gets more touches but I liked the progress.
  • Lastly, because I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader when I was younger. I selected them as my choice but by this point it has been a LONG day of watching football (ok, I took a break to watch TEAM USA bring home the Gold but I was flipping back and forth). I was over football. I couldn’t tell you WHAT happened in this game as I had to catch the season finales of True Blood & Entourage PLUS the VMA’s…  Cowboys lost

I heard an undrafted RB for the Texans rushed for something crazy like 200 yards yesterday. Hmmmm maybe I’ll have to add them to the list. As for Monday Night football tonight. I might be overwhelmed, we’ll see.