Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Upset with Josie Harris Over An NBA Player

I KNEW something was very odd about the whole Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris (his kid’s mother) incident. Per TMZ ::giggles:: Floyd went through Josie’s text messages and found one from NBA player CJ Watson (PG for the Chicago Bulls). The Grand Larceny charge stems from him leaving with her iPhone.

NBA Baller CJ Watson

Now it becomes a bit more clear why 50 announced that Floyd was newly engaged. Clearly Floyd is subscribing to the age old male philosophy of once mine, always mine. Sorry Money, looks like your Ex is Kim Khardashianing her way up… actually down, I’m sure CJ is a nice guy but if we’re going strictly off of the Fame Finance scale, well  Floyd you win. Soooooo why was he so upset that he caused a commotion? The male ego is a fragile thing and the ATHLETE MALE EGO is even more delicate.

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Hoping for a Happy Ending for all!