NFL Season kickoff – Jill’s New Status “I’m Dating”

I'm trying to fall in Love with You

The weather is about to turn chilly (or in my case ironically already seems to have. This is L.A. ::BBM sadface::)  and with the intro to fall, a great many sports’ fans hearts turn to football. If you’re new to my world, you need to know that I LOVE, LIVE & BREATHE Basketball. I’m working on trying to feel half as strongly about football. Why? Why not I like new experiences.

My approach this year will be slightly different. Last year I set my targets and followed the team ride or die. After all isn’t that usually what happens in young love?

This year the wiser more experienced me has decided that dating around to find “MY TEAM will be crucial. Having made that proclamation, I bring to you my official status… I’m playing the field and perhaps later… Proud  BANDWAGONER.

I envision this process to be a little like speed dating no, I’ve never done it just seen examples of it on TV. I’ll spend a little bit of time with the teams that look interesting to me at 1st glance and if they somehow manage to hold my attention, I’ll slowly give them more of my time.

As for Basketball, we are now in an open relationship. Much like the guy who believes he’s a girl’s 1 true love (even when he’s cheating on her). Basketball remains confident that no other sport could give me the same highs (and lows) it does.

We shall see, and with that. I say let’s start the season!