Chad & T.O.- Call Us Tom & Jerry…

Last night the duo gave the world a sneak peek at what we’ll be in for when The T.OchO Show (I just like to write it like that, ignore the random capitalization) debuts in a little over a month.

With matching hats and V necks,

the guys discussed Brett Farve (shocker), the comparison that Jets player Antonio Cromartie made of he and Darrelle Revis to Jordan & Pippen and how the duo doesn’t mind if you refer to them as Tom & Jerry (the cat & mouse) or Starsky & Hutch. ::shrug:: hey if they like it.

I sincerely hope that there’s a completely different host for their show as I wasn’t fond of the 3 that steer The Daily Line’s ship. With a little practice and less of the double mint (or any other cheesy twins) twin responses and dress. I might be persuaded to watch a few times.

Check the highlights and let me know what you think:

If for some reason the auto player isn’t showing up in your browser Go HERE to watch!