NFL Free Agency’s Most Coveted Players

It’s a common saying that no team wins a championship during the regular season. But what if someone were to say that championships were won in the offseason? The offseason is when roster decisions are made and the team is put together. Whether it be by bringing in free agents or through the draft, a team can change over the course of a few months. The offseason is a time to fix any deficiencies and fill any voids. This season the free agency is filled with players that can not only fill a void, but change a game. We’re going to look at the best players entering free agency during the 2016 offseason.


Von Miller

Miller is the reigning Super Bowl MVP and leader of the best defense in all of football. As a pass rusher Miller changes the way both quarterbacks and running backs approach the game. With good pass rushers at a premium, there is no other free agent that would be more highly sought after than Von Miller. Unfortunately for his potential suitors, the Broncos used their franchise tag to keep him locked down.


Josh Norman

This Carolina Panther was a relative unknown before his breakout 2015 season. Norman became a household name after locking down some of the elite receivers in the NFL, including the near unstoppable Odell Beckham Jr. Norman will likely stay put in Carolina, but you can be sure that his agent would have been receiving many phone calls trying to pull him away had the Panthers not put the franchise tag on him.