NFL Draft day round 1 recap – fashion, heartbreak & bling [photos]


The first round of the NFL draft is in the books. he Kansas City Chiefs had the first overall pick and selected offensive tackle Eric Fisher of Central Michigan – yeah, I’ve never heard of him either but that’s irrelevant now. What else happened during day 1?

– Manti Te’o is still chilling waiting to be picked up.

– The first seven picks were all lineman

– No running backs selected in the first round. Is the position officially dead?

West Virginia’s Geno Smith endured the embarrassment of being AT the draft and not going in the first round. Geno has opted not to stick around in NYC for the second round.

**UPDATE** I guess someone talked to Geno and apparently he’ll be back in the building for day 2.

Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson had a look in mind with this white tuxedo jacket, suspenders and a Louis Vuitton belt to pull his look together… spiffy

photo via BSO

photo via BSO


Detroit Lions pick, Ziggy Ansah, the Ghanaian unknown turned top-five NFL draft pick, rocked out in 3-D glasses for his signature look of the evening.

Ziggy Ansah-Detroit-Lions


Dee Milliner’s watch and Mizzou’s Sheldon Richardson jewels. They must have thought the bling era was going to make a comeback and they’d be the catalyst for it at the draft. Guess we know what they spent their advance on.  Behold your replacement for Darrelle revis Jets fans (Dee Milliner)


Alabama’s Eddie Lacy broke out the pinstrips for those bright lights… yeah



The first QB selected in the draft was at the #16 spot, Florida State’s EJ Manuel goes to the Buffalo Bills



If the players drafted make the team, this is what they can expect in salary over the next three years. 2013: $405k, 2014: $495k, 2015: $585k, 2016: $675k.


photos via GDR