Ex Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt wants divorce ruiling overturned because of fraud

How is it possible that one of the nastiest divorces in sport’s ownership history still isn’t a wrap? When one party feels they were duped out of additional cash from the sell of the team, that’s how. Former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt received $131 million (tax free) in her divorce settlement from ex-husband Frank McCourt plus a few houses. Jamie wants the agreement thrown out because she believes she was misled about the value of the Dodgers who were later sold for $2 billion.

Frank McCourt’s lawyer Robert Sacks says his client’s ex-wife was provided the team’s financial documents prior to the settlement being reached in October 2011 and that her lawyers weren’t on their job.

“There is not a scintilla of evidence to support Jamie’s ever-changing claims,” Sacks said during closing arguments of a non-jury trial. “It lacks credibility.”

Jamie McCourt is accusing her ex-husband of fraud by misrepresenting the Dodger assets as worth less than $300 million during their divorce when in reality he knew all along what the true value was but didn’t tell her. Her attorneys believe she missed out on $770 million.

Jamie McCourt’s attorney, Bert Fields, said his client relied on the latest figures provided to her and said the amount for a future regional sports network – potentially worth more than $1 billion – was never reflected in documents she saw.