NFL Commish Roger Goodell Says The League is Providing Assistance to Ray Rice and Family [Video]


CBS News sat down for an interview with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In the interview, Goodell admits the NFL has “gotten it wrong with domestic violence” and that the league is providing “resources” to Ray Rice and his family. He also said he wouldn’t rule out Rice coming back to the NFL at some point, if he could show that he has fully committed to clearing up his issues.

On the Rice family’s future as well as the NFL’s stance on domestic violence issues:

“He’s got a lot of work to do” and “the family got a lot of work to do,”
“At the same time we’re going to continue to implement our policies and our revised education and training, so that we can get to people, and help people and their families make the wiser decisions, and know they have resources available,” he said, acknowledging “We have to change our training and our education to try and eliminate that issue.”

On if the NFL dropped the ball with the Rice case:

“We certainly didn’t know what was on the tape, but I’ve been very open and honest … two weeks ago when I acknowledged that we didn’t get this right. That’s my responsibility, and I’m accountable for that.”