Were Text Messages From an R&B singer at the Root of Ray Rice’s Attack on Janay Palmer?

The situation between ex-Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice and his wife Janay Palmer-Rice has been top line news for the past few days since the release of footage from inside the elevator, plus the moments before they walked on. Rice’s initial position through his lawyer was that the altercation was initiated by Rice’s then fiancée.

Baller Alert is attempting to shed light on what allegedly put that fateful night’s events in motion. It’s being attributed to an alleged text message from an R&B singer.

Yesterday we posted a Blind Item about Ray Rice and a woman allegedly texting him the night of the Atlantic City fight, sparking the knock out punch in the elevator. Within minutes of posting the Blind Item, several people readers posting, DM’ing and emailing in their guess of who the mystery woman may be. If that wasn’t enough, we began receiving a ton of screen shots and links to blogs throwing hints.

Many guessed that the woman was Teyana Taylor and while we can’t confirm whether the contents of the previous Baller Mail were true, check out the screen shots that were sent in and determine for yourself.



You can head over to Baller Alert to see the additional “proof.”