NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus Wants $500K Lien Placed Against Ex-Client DeSean Jackson’s New Contract


NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus sued his former client, current Washington Redskin DeSean Jackson last year for repayment of multiple loans he made to the wide receiver. Rosenhaus won the suit but DJac has yet to cough up the funds.

The Jasmine Brand obtained court documents from the federal lawsuit that Jackson was just slapped with for failing to pay the $516,415 awarded to Rosenhaus. According to the docs, Jackson had 10 days to pay up and failed to do so. Now Rosenhaus is asking the court to place a constructive trust and/or lien on Jackson’s new contract with the Redskins.

Check out the court documents HERE

Just because he’s your agent doesn’t make it free money. Both Jackson and ex-NFL QB Vince Young learned some hard lessons about cash flow during the 2011 NFL lockout.