Lions’ Calvin Johnson’ Girlfriend & Baby’s Mama Have Altercation [Photos]



This sounds like yet another episode of, “As the Side Chick Collects her Check.” This week we look at Lions star Calvin Johnson. Johnson has a six-month child with Shallyn Blanton, he also has a girlfriend, Brittney McNorton, who works for the Lions in the marketing department.

Not surprisingly, the girlfriend and baby’s mom aren’t besties. The two reportedly had an altercation on May 25th in Georgia, that resulted in Brittney telling Shallyn she’d “molly wop” her. Yikes.

According to the report, filed in Georgia, Blanton claims Calvin and his girlfriend Brittney McNorton arrived at her home on May 25th for “visitation” — violating the terms of a custody agreement that states CJ is not to bring Brittney around the kid.

Blanton claims she and Calvin began to argue — and that’s when Brittney “began pointing her cell phone in Balnton’s face while [Blanton] attempted to remove her child from Johnson’s car.”

Blanton claims Brittney (who works for the Lions organization) got all up in her face with the cell phone, so she tried to move Brit’s hand — and that’s when Brit “leapt from the car screaming that she was going to ‘molly wop yo ass!”

The incident didn’t turn physical but Shallyn wants a restraining order.

I know you want photos. First up, Brittney. She’s been with the Lions since 2008. She started as an intern and worked her way through the ranks to her current position of Manager of Partnership activation.

Shallyn currently lives in Atlanta and attended Georgia State University, majoring in psychology. The baby was born November 28th, 2013.

It probably goes without saying that you may want to leave your girlfriend at home when dropping your child off if there’s a history of animosity. But then of course, you’ll probably face the wrath of your girlfriend because she might assume you want to dip back off into your old work.I say you get a go between. Sounds like the healing stage hasn’t been reached yet.

photos via Fabwags