Miami Dolphins coaches allegedly told Incognito to “toughen” Jonathan Martin up


More details are coming out about the situation between Miami Dolphins teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. The Sun Sentinel – a south Florida newspaper – is reporting that Incognito was instructed by coaches to call Jonathan Martin which resulted in the now infamous voicemail last spring after Martin missed “voluntary OTA workouts”

Incognito is a leader on the offensive line and also serves on the team’s leadership counsel. The source stated that Incognito was encouraged to make a call that would get Martin “into the fold” however, he took the matter further than expected.

“Richie is the type of guy where if he’s on your team you love him,” a teammate said. “If he’s not on your team, you hate him. Every team needs a guy like that.”

Meanwhile, Martin left the team a little over a week ago following an incident in the cafeteria where other Offensive linemen pulled some sort of prank on Martin.