Kobe Bryant on giving advice to Nick Young, his return to the court & Twitter [video]


Kobe Bryant was interviewed on NBA TV Tuesday night where he touched on this season’s favorite topics:

  • For the 100th time, Kobe and Dwight had different philosophies on what it takes to win an NBA Championship, that’s why the pairing didn’t work. ALthough Kobe believes that had he not gotten injured, the momentum they picked up in the second half of the season would’ve continued and they would’ve have beaten the Spurs in the playoffs.


  • Kobe said the hardest part of his injury is having patience through the rehab process. He plans to make adjustments to his game if lift  or explosiveness is gone. He feels his advantage to making these adjustments are his solid basketball fundamentals.


  • Kobe sort of shrugged off the idea that 1225 message on Twitter stood for motivation for ESPN ranking the Lakers 12th in the West and him personally as the 25th best player in basketball. Kobe said it’s his dog’s birthday. I will say what I’ve said since last summer, Kobe will return to the court on Christmas day when the Lakers take on the Heat. When asked about that, Kobe shrugged again.


  • Kobe also said he’s been challenging Nick Young to do the little things. To stuff the stat sheet in each and every column because that’s what good 2 guards do. I wonder what column he’s challenging him with when he shoots those looks.

There’s also some fun stuff in the interview about who he’d pick in a one-on-one match up between Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce.

spotted at BallIsLife