Manti Te’o addresses questions about hoax and draft status at NFL Combine


The NFL Combine is taking place this weekend. It marks the first opportunity that the media had to chat up  Manti Te’o following the fake girlfriend hoax.

Te’o was asked how the hoax affected him and his play in the BCS National Championship Game, how he currently feels about the whole ordeal and more. Of course he’s ready to move on from it and focus on football and the upcoming draft.

“The incident, I said all I needed to say about that. “How I’m handing it going forward, it’s doing what I’m doing right now: Focusing on the moment and focusing on football and the combine.

“Not everybody gets this opportunity to be here. I’m sure there are thousands and thousands of people who would like to be here in Indianapolis. So, just trying to enjoy the moment.’’

Te’o said he was surprised of how much media attention the hoax delivered, and said that the whole thing was all “overwhelming” and “embarrassing.” He felt extremely bad that his last name was all over the place, as he didn’t want to put a bad image towards the rest of his family members.

“I could haved done some things different to avoid all this stuff. …. I’m just very grateful for those who helped me get through that time,” he said.

Te’o was also asked if he thought NFL teams were shying away from him because of the incident. He said he received no indication from NFL teams that it’s going to affect his draft status. He also said he didn’t think it would affect how he is treated by future teammates.

Besides his personal life, the media also asked about his future NFL career. Te’o said he met with the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans on Saturday and is scheduled to meet with 18 more teams.