Amaré Stoudemire thinks the Knicks have too much swag


The New York Knicks started this season on fire at a blistering 18-5. But as of late, the Knicks have cooled, losing their fourth straight and now sit in the third spot in the Eastern Conference with a 32-20 record. Amaré Stoudemire thinks he knows at least part of the reason for the team’s recent cool down. Too much swagger:

“We got plenty of swagger, we may have too much swag,’’ Stoudemire said. “We got to get more greedy, from the standpoint of wanting to defend, wanting to win and having a sense of urgency. We have to want to win. We got to have the mentality to want to win. It don’t matter if it looks good or not. We just got to get it done. It’s not a great feeling right now.’’

Hmmm I wonder if Amar’e thinks it’s the team as a whole or if he’s really speaking of a few players. We’re down to the last 20 games. If the playoffs started today, the Knicks would face off against the Atlanta Hawks.