Larry Fitzgerald makes sure DeAngelo Hall and Richard Sherman won’t beef at his event


During the Seahawks and Niners playoff match up, we discovered that outspoken CB Richard Sherman had a beef with 49’ers receiver Michael Crabtree that began last off season at Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald’s annual charity softball game.

With the upcoming game scheduled to take place next month in Arizona, Larry saw another potential beef brewing on Twitter between Sherman and Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall. In a radio interview with 106.7 The Fan, Hall explained that Fitz called him up to make sure that this “beef” didn’t carry over to his event.

“You know, I had Larry Fitzgerald call me,” Hall went on. “I’m supposed to be in his softball game this summer. The same softball game that Sherman and [Michael] Crabtree got into it at. And [Fitzgerald] said hey, you know Crabtree’s gonna be there, Sherman’s gonna be there, you’re gonna be there, I don’t want any trouble. It’s not that kind of party bro. And I just kind of told him how it went down and he understood….

Debates, conversation, etc. doesn’t automatically mean that people are going to get into a physical altercation. I understand the concern, but adults can disagree and still not want to resort to fisticuffs.