Raptors Terrence Ross says NBA “Groupie culture” is a myth


Groupies is always a topic that comes up when discussing athletes. Raptors Terrence Ross recently participated in a chat on Reddit where he proclaimed the groupie culture as dead.

Q: How do you best avoid the women who hang out in hotel lobbies waiting for NBA players (gold-diggers). Did any of the vets advise you in this matter?

A: That’s a myth…that’s never happened. There’s so much security now.

Well, he’s partially right, but security has nothing to do with it. The reality is that with the emergence of social media, there’s no need for a woman to try to take her chances waiting in a hotel lobby. Athletes can pull willing bodies in any city with one Tweet or Instagram post. I like to call that dial and deliver. It’s a topic I’m delving further into in my upcoming book, The Stiletto Jill Chronicles volume 1


I recently interviewed Bobcats Chris Douglas-Roberts and he said something similar.


photo via Instagram