Steve Nash says he’s not retiring cause he wants all his money

Steve Nash has been officially shut down for the remainder of the Lakers dismal season. On episode 3 of his webseries, The Finish Line, Nash admitted that he wouldn’t be retiring before the final year of his Lakers deal. The reason why, he wants ALL OF HIS COINS!

“It’s just a reality, I’m not going to retire because I want the money. It’s honest. We want honest athletes, but at the same time, you’re going to have people out there saying ‘He’s so greedy. He’s made x amount of money and he has to take this last little bit.’ Yes, I do, have to take that last little bit. I’m sorry if that is frustrating to some but if they were in my shoes they would do exactly the same thing. I wouldn’t believe for a minute that they wouldn’t.”

Listen, I appreciate the honesty.

“I could come in every day and say, ‘I’m not right today.’ Just be injured, ride out the rest of my contract and collect my checks,” Nash continued. “While I’m not willing to retire and give up that last year of my contract, I’m also not willing to just sit back and say, ‘I don’t feel it today.’ … That’s just not me. I still love the game enough. Still love to fight. I want to do everything I can get to back out there.”

Nash also said he plans to be apart of the Lakers plan next season, no matter if they bring in other point guards.
Nash at 40 has appeared in just 10 games this season while dealing with ongoing back and nerve injuries. In his two seasons with the Lakers, Nash has averaged 7.6 points and 4.7 assists. Nash has played in 60 out of 146 games. His deal was three-years, $27.9 million.


video via Grantland