Jill’s NFL Journey Week 2

Last I left you, I was beginning my quest to gain a deeper appreciation for the pigskin. Here’s my update as to what I learned:

– Cowboys Stadium is the most incredible venue EVER!!! The flat screen is crazy and I really don’t care that the ball hit it in pre season. it looks fab and that’s all that matters to me! Well that and I still secretly desire to be a Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleader!! (They Lost to the Giants I decided I am the reason for the win as I became a giants fan at the start of the game)

– Picking the Rams as my team will be a long strange journey. I’m up for the challenge. (They lost to the Redskins but it was close)

– Retired players still go hard for their former teams. Rodney Harrison had a twit spat with Kerry Rhodes in anticipation of yesterday’s game. It was oddly entertaining. Unfortunately for Rodney, he wasn’t on the field to ensure his passion was matched by the Patriots. Jets WIN!

– The Bears beat the Super Bowl champs but that only matters because Matt Forte is FINE! (I’m a lady first, I notice these things sorry)

– I don’t know the inspiration behind the “Lambeau Leap” that Ocho Cinco did during the game but he promised he would do it on Twitter, he DID and it looked so FREAKIN COOL! I.LOVE.IT!! “Kiss the Baby” to the Fan that flipped him off! That wasn’t very sportsmen like.

– 2 out of the 3 California teams walked away with victories. The Chargers were the losing team, wonder if Tila or her fans put a hex on them?

There were more games and of course tonight is MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Big Wangs for everybody) but I’m still learning so I’m taking it week by week and I will not be overwhelmed!!

Plus The Emmys were last night, I had to check out the fashion. 🙂

Here’s a link to the top 10 performances from week 2