Jets CB Antonio Cromartie says the NFL should let players smoke weed [video]

via @IluvTerricka
via @IluvTerricka

via @IluvTerricka

In a recent interview, New York Jets CB Antonio Cromarte said that the NFL needs to allow players to smoke weed because they’re going to do it regardless.

“They need to let it go,” he said. “They need to go ahead and say, y’all go ahead and smoke it. Do what you need to do.”

Fast forward to the 3:17 part.

Cro has a point, There are two states where recreational marijuana use is legal – Washington and Colorado, where the two teams in the Super Bowl 48 were from – and Americans have become more open to the legalization of it.

Former NFL tight end Nate Jackson says in his book, Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile, that weed can be used by players to manage pain.

The NFL should remove marijuana from their banned substances list. Don’t tell anyone about it: just stop testing for it.Pain is a big problem in the NFL. Pain management is necessary.

Weed is the least harmful and least addictive of the painkillers players use to cope with the violent demands of the game.