Lakers end game against Cleveland with only 4 “active” players


This season has been one of the most depressing o record for Lakers fans. On Wednesday night, the Lakers were in Cleveland to face off against the Cavs, but only had eight players available. Things got so crazy that center Chris Kaman took a nap on the bench during the game AND an old NBA rule had to be enacted after injuries and fouls saw the Lakers down to their last five players.

One of those available players, Robert Sacre, ended up getting his sixth foul. Each side has to have five players on the court at all times during an NBA game. Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni was informed by the officials that he could leave Sacre on the floor and any additional foul on the center would also result in a technical.

The Lakers won, 119-108. How bad are the Cavs to lose like that. Yikes.