Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew ends 38-day holdout without new deal

Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew ended his 38-day holdout on Sunday returning to the team for practice. His money? He didn’t get it. But Jones-Drew says he has no regrets about the action he took.

“I’m in a good place,” he said. “I did something I felt was right, and I’m always going to feel right. I’m not going to feel wrong for what I did it at all. And that’s why I can come back and not have a negative attitude. I think if you regret things, you’re going to come back salty, be a distraction, things like that.

“I don’t feel that way ’cause what I did was right. No one can tell me it was wrong. Not one person here can tell me what I did was wrong.”

Wanting to put all of this behind him and focus on football – at least until the end of the season, he still has two years left on his current contract- said Sunday should be the last discussion about his hold out. The Jags first game of the season against the Vikings. Head coach Mike Mularkey indicated that Rashad Jennings will start at running back week one.