Tami Roman & Kenny Anderson settle 9 year lawsuit over back child support for $800K

Who knew Tami Roman and her ex-husband, former NBA player Kenny Anderson, were still going through court situations related to back child support. The two recently settled the nine-year lawsuit for $800,000. Anderson was alleged to have stopped paying $8,500 a month to Roman for their two daughters, Jazz and Lyric, in 2005. He’ll be pulling funds from his retirement to fulfill the settlement.

This should serve as a lesson to both Jocks and those aspiring to be their significant other. Just because you hit the “jackpot” and marry or have a child by an athlete doesn’t mean the money will be there forever. For the jocks, this is why you protect your assets i.e. your sperm. Make sure that you clearly recognize what is required of you for those 18 years and how it impacts your bottom line for the long haul. That’s to both parties.

Who wants to spend years in court.

Why do you think Chris Bosh is fighting in court so hard now.