Highlights from the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony [video]


The Professional Football Hall of Fame held their 2013 enshrinement ceremony on Saturday night. The seven new members are: Offensive Guard Larry Allen, Wide Receiver Cris Carter, Defensive Tackle Curley Culp, Offensive Tackle Jonathan Ogden, Coach Bill Parcels, Linebacker Dave Robinson and Defensive Warren Sapp.

Some of the highlights from the evening include:

Former Dallas Cowboys guard Larry Allen. The Compton native had the best shout out to his wife and probably the first time a “40 ounce” has been reference in a Hall of Fame speech:

“On our first date, she cooked for me. She cooked me two chickens, french fries, baked me a cake, and gave me a 40 ounce. I knew then, that was my wife right there,” Allen said.

He also touched on the recent PED scandals by pointing out after Reggie White kicked his ass, he hit the weight room and got his power naturally, bench pressing 700 pounds.



Warren Sapp will have the first bust with braids:



Minnesota Vikings Cris Carter was extremely emotional in his speech:

Minnesota Vikings great Cris Carter had no such problem as he gave his emotional hall of fame speech last night. He remembered Buddy Ryan cutting him from the Eagles because of his drug addiction; Wheelock Whitney and Betty Trilogy, the duo who helped him get clean; his brother Butch who inspired him not only because of his athletic accomplishments, but his accomplishments as a person; his mother, who got her Master’s at the age of 50; and all the family and friends who supported him along the way.



photos via @NFL