Mark Cuban releases recruiting video he created for Dwight Howard [video]


On Mark Cuban’s blog, he recently wrote a post that gives insight on the Dallas Mavericks culture and recruiting process. One area he highlighted was his pitch this summer to Dwight Howard in NBA free agency. The video takes Dwight’s love of super heroes and puts a spin on the story of Superman’s arrival to earth.Dwight Howard.

 I do have to say the meeting with Dwight was very interesting. He is a smart guy. Much smarter than people give him credit for. He is also a very, very good listener.  Unlike most people, he spent far more time listening than talking.  And he had the best response to an opening question that I have ever heard from a player, or anyone for that matter.  When we asked him what his goal was, his response was very specific ” I want to be Epic” .  Which was a perfect lead in to the video we created for him

[wpvideo 7gUQqrhk]
The Mavs had no pieces in place to support Dwight. The Rockets had James harden, Jeremy Lin, a Hall of Fame big man coach in Kevin McHale and a recent playoff run. It’s not a surprise that Dwight would select the Rockets over Mavericks.