Day 1 of Free Agency!

It’s not even the 1st full day of free agency and already things are interesting.

Ben Gordon & Charlie Villanueva to The Pistons. Let’s be real, BG does not help the Pistons. It’s almost like they signed AI v2. He can fill it up in buckets but can be a selfish “me first” player. I’m undecided on Charlie V’s impact to the team. When he tweeted last night that the fans of Milwaukee had been great, I knew his destination had already been secured. Will be interesting to see who The Pistons bring in to fix this ship. Orlando & Boston figure to be better this year, Is Detroit in the 3rd or 4th slot in the East based on this move? Doubt it but we’ll see.
QRich back to where it all started, with the Clippers. This might not be a bad look, he & BD can motivate each other to stay in shape, they’ve cleared up the jam upfront shipping ZBo out. But this is the Clippers and somehow my little engine that could team will mess things up. Somehow I doubt this is the last move the Clippers make.
Amar’e Stoud will be a headache wherever he plays at next year.
I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates!