Everybody weighs in on the overturned Dez Bryant catch


The debate rages on, were the Dallas Cowboys robbed on Sunday? Why was Dez Bryant’s catch overturned? Check out the various explanations, denials and outrage.

— Rick Maese (@RickMaese) January 11, 2015

The Detroit Lions Twitter got in on the fun with a bit of trolling

New Jersey Governor Christie went through the five stages of grief in Green Bay while watching the game.

Of course some members of the Lions had thoughts about what went down.


Noted Cowboys fan LeBron James took issue with what went down. Of course he deleted his immediate reaction


Jerry Jones says it absolutely was a catch.

“I do think he made it, yes, and we had the opportunity to look at several angles up there, where I was sitting, and the answer is I do,” Jones said.

Jones said he didn’t want to rehash the play, but he believes the official on the field who ruled that Bryant caught the pass got it right, and the referee got it wrong.

“I’m not so much into talking about the judgment — it was judgment — the judgment of the officials,” Jones said.” It was just a bad time for us to have a play like that. To Green Bay’s credit, they were in a position to win the game and we had to make a play like that. In my opinion, we made the play.”

And Dez…