Was Gilbert Arenas shading Laura and Gloria Govan on Instagram?


Looks as if Clippers forward Matt Barnes has someone in his life that can relate to the struggle of having a significant other who still has love for the spotlight. Barnes recently shared his thoughts about “mothers” hitting the red carpet – and by “mothers,” he was referring to his estranged wife Gloria. Matt’s brother-in-law Gilbert Arenas posted this message to Instagram on Sunday that sounds like a subliminal for his estranged fianceé, Laura Govan.

Too many ppl wanna be famous…#wakeupcall101 #money #power #respect in that order…work ur ass off too get that #money then u can dictate ur moves #power….then with the moves u make ppl will notice you #respect…I’ve never been too an ALLSTAR game I wasn’t apart of…why am I celebrating with cats who out worked me #backinthelab…I see ppl on red carpet events who not even in the movies WTF #newsflash so your spending ur money to look fly for a free event that ppl who are in the movie got paid to do?


Gilbert later came back to say his post wasn’t for the Govan sisters, just a commentary on life as he sees it.



I refuse to believe that it didn’t cross Gilbert’s mind that Laura and Gloria would come to mind. Especially on the heels of Matt’s post.