Ejected Marshawn Lynch Watches Game In Stands and Rides Bart

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was ejected from Thursday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Marshawn ran out on the field midway through the second quarter when Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters hit Raiders quarterback Derek Carr late, drawing a flag for a personal foul.

A few of the Raiders offensive line went after Peters. What they may not have known, Peters is an Oakland native and a good friend (some say a cousin- not sure if that’s play or real life DNA) of Marshawn’s.


Beastmode was ejected for contact with an official. But if you think he left the game, WRONG… he watched from the stands and then took BART home. That’s the train. Oh, he wasn’t alone… he was with Marcus Peters. They taught a tourist how to pop his collar and also led a F the Chiefs chant.

That’s real life #TownBidness

Physical contact with an official comes with a fine of $30,387. If the NFL suspends him for coming off the bench to join the altercation, it would cost him a game check of $79,411.