Is Draymond Green Dating This “Basketball Wives” Star?

After winning two NBA titles, it sounds as if Draymond Green -the emotional leader of the Golden State Warriors – has decided it’s time for an upgrade. At least that’s the rumor here in these internet streets.

According to Fameolos, Draymond has reportedly broken up with his college sweetheart and mother of his young son, Jelissa Hardy for actress and reality star Hazel Renee. According to the rumor, Dray wants Jelissa to find a new home so he and Hazel can move in together.

That last part might be fake news, after the rumor broke, Dray posted this on his IG feed. Hazel also sent a DM to one of her followers saying don’t believe the hype, Dray and his ex were done before she came in the picture.

And that might be true, if you recall after the Warriors won their first title, Dray accidentally sent a penis flick to his public Snapchat feed.

Hazel had a reoccurring role on season 3 of the Fox hit “Empire” and was a new cast member of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” this summer. She has a daughter with overseas player Jacob Pullen

and was also connected to Washington Wizards point guard John Wall a few years back.


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Hazel posted a video of her travel diary on Instagram from Shanghai – where the Warriors spent preseason.


My Inner Peace Looks & Sounds Like This Magicalness✨???????????? #Views #TravelDiary #Shanghai

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Hazel also was spotted in the family section for the Warriors home opener on Tuesday.

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