Did The Eagles Cut DeShawn Jackson Because Chip Kelly Didn’t Like Him?


The Philadelphia Eagles rush to cut ties with DeSean Jackson has taken a curious tone over the last day. Jackson had one of his best season’s of his six-year NFL career in 2013, yet the Eagles opted to waive him on Friday. There were reports that the Eagles had concerns over the friends DJack was hanging out with and alleged gang ties.

But now, it looks more like Chip Kelly simply didn’t get along with Jackson.

The Eagles knew about Jackson’s alleged gang connections, his problems with authority, and his locker-room dramas long before Friday, when they released the wide receiver. They knew what they were getting when they drafted him in 2008.

The reasons the Eagles cut ties with Jackson after six seasons were many, but the overriding motive was a simple one: Kelly didn’t want him on the team anymore. The Eagles coach has yet to explain the decision – nor did anyone from the organization on Friday – but Kelly’s lower tolerance for Jackson than Andy Reid had is believed to be the primary explanation for why the team started shopping the 27-year-old Pro Bowl receiver on March 1.

NFL teams higher private investigators to get back ground info on guys during the draft process. They also have an extensive security team that monitors these things as well. Jackson having friends who are connected to gangs wasn’t a surprise. But it’s sad if that was the scapegoat used to get rid of him, and try to sully his name to other teams.

But, it’s also unreasonable to think that who you choose to keep as company doesn’t impact you. If execs don’t believe you fit into the culture they’re trying to create, it’s their right to protect that environment. DeShawn is far too talented to think that this will be the end for him. In fact, it’s probably going to make him that much more motivated.